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I am a Brazilian who has worked as a professional model, and I have been involved with fitness since my teens.
I started working out when I was just 15 and the fashion part of the fitness clothing world has always fascinated me.
A few years later, still very young, I moved to Taiwan for a few years and then to Dubai for more than 10 years. And in both places, everyone always asked me about my clothes at the gyms, where they came from, where they could buy those "Brazilian style" fitness clothes and they couldn't find them anywhere. They were all from Brazil, where the designs are much more beautiful, alive and sexy.


At that time, in addition to my freelance modeling work, I started working as a Certified Personal Trainer at various gyms in Dubai, and the interest of clients and other interns in my Brazilian fitness clothing increased significantly. Many people started asking me to bring these clothes and sell them.
Connecting the fact that fashion and fitness are two of my greatest passions, and seeing the need and opportunity in the market, I decided to invest a lot of time, money and effort to create my own fitness clothing brand, with a very Brazilian style ', and to be able offer my customers the product of the highest quality and comfort that you find on the market at very competitive prices, fulfilling your demand for the perfect gym clothing.


Then, in 2015, I finally started my brand "Kamila Reis Collection", an original Brazilian brand sportwear from Rio de Janeiro that brings the beauty and characteristics of Brazilian women's gym clothes to the world.
Today we produce and sell high-quality products with special materials to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. The quality is remarkable and for sure my clients always come back.
Customer satisfaction and product quality are fundamental in my opinion.
The pieces and collections are inspired and thought to suit any body, providing softness, lightness and the best of women's fitness fashion.
Soon we will be offering many more options with the same quality that my clients are already used to.

Kamila Reis

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